Some Emerging Challenges For Fast Solutions For Bed Cover

May 01, 2017

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As the room filled before the program began, I listened to the conversation of poets and poetry lovers. There was some talk of the Warriors having won. The man next to me pulled a copy of Bob Kaufmans Solitudes Crowded With Loneliness from the shelf and skimmed through it while he waited. How do you know her? I heard one audience member ask another about Bullwinkel. We were waitresses together, said the other, at a writers conference. I knew she was doing writers stuff, said the first. You gotta support the arts. Another woman talked to the person next to her about a mutual pal. Shes doing slack-lining. Its really good for her core. Looking around, my glance fell on the bamboo blinds hanging crookedly in one of the windows, through which you could see laundry flapping across the alley, almost near enough to touch. A short story and a few poems later, the printed blue bedding had been taken in, and replaced by something mint green. Mike Zonta was on the J-Church the other night, when he overheard a guy talking to himself using American Sign Language. Got off at 24th Street. H.L.

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