An Updated Intro To Sensible Plans Of Skin Care

Mar 16, 2017

Dr. More There is some research suggesting that taking vitamins A, C, and E in supplement form may have skin-saving benefits. Theyre all antioxidants that may prevent or delay some types of skin cell damage. But unless youre deficient in any of these vitamins, you can get what you need from a well-balanced diet that includes fruit, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and fish. (In fact, excessive amounts of vitamins A and E, particularly from supplements, might even be dangerous.) Also, theres more solid research on the benefits of applying these vitamins topically, and they can be found in a variety of skin-care products. RELATED: These Are the Best Foods for Every Vitamin and Mineral You may be curious about collagen supplements, which are often touted to help reduce the depth of wrinkles and restore the structure of the skin. Research on safety and efficacy is still in the early stages, but some reports look promising. (However, its fine to consume foods that contain collagen, like bone broth .) [brightcove:4928980307001 default] As always, check with your doctor before adding supplements to your regimen. Many of them can have unwanted side effects or drug interactions . Your MD can help determine if a specific supplement (even a vitamin) is appropriate for you. Reblog

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